I am sort of new to graphic design and need some help on how to recreate this "screen" or "mesh" looking effect for a T-shirt. I have tried setting this area to gray, using color halftone, and setting the transparency to multiply and it comes close, but the dots seem a little too spread apart and pixelated on Ai. After trying several things, I am not sure what else to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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David T-shirt pattern - Full

T-shirt pattern - Close-up

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Simply draw a circle with a black fill and a white stroke, then drag that to the Swatch Panel to create a pattern swatch. (A)

If you don't want the white stroke.... draw a no-fill, no-stroke rectangle first. Then draw a black circle in the center of that rectangle. Then drag the rectangle and circle to the Swatch Panel to create a pattern swatch. (B)

enter image description here

You cna also simply choose to load the Basic Dots pattern file which ships with Illustrator.....

enter image description here

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