I'm looking for typefaces that have a lot of discretionary ligatures, more specifically a serif or calligraphic font of the fancy/classical sort.

I am already aware of:

  • Mrs. Eaves
  • DTL Fleischmann
  • Hoefler Text
  • Requiem

Am I missing any big names?

  • Zapfino has a lot of ligatures, but maybe not the sort of calligraphy you are looking for.
    – benteh
    May 22, 2014 at 9:38

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Text fonts w/ extensive alternates:

  • Arno Pro
  • Minion Pro

I am not sure I clearly understand "alternate" ligatures, however, probably you will like these 3 fonts (they have "Discretionary Ligatures" -

ITC Dyadis

ITC Founder's Caslon

ITC Rennie Mackintosh


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