Is it possible to have access to the source file of each pattern you have inside Photoshop? A pattern is a squared piece of some artwork that is repeated according to the settings you choose. How could I get direct access to the 1 piece of that specific pattern so I can manipulate it or make it usable for web?

My goal is to have direct access to the pattern itself outside of Photoshop, like a .jpg file or so. I tried accessing Photoshops folder and located the pattern folder but I can´t see any customized pattern I created there, where does Photoshop store the patterns you create? I only saw .pat files there. Is there a way to access directly each pattern separated as a single file?

Please someone help!



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There is no direct access.


First make certain Tool Tips is on in the Preferences.

enter image description here

Now, bring up the Pattern selector (here I used the Pattern Overlay Layer Style), and hover your cursor over a pattern until the tool tip pops up....

enter image description here

You'll see the pixel dimensions of the tile there. In this case 400x400px.

Now create a new document at those dimensions and fill it with that pattern. You'll have a single tile of the pattern which you can then save as any image format you want.

  • Great solution! Not the perfect and easy way but it will work! Thanks a lot for your time taking the screenshots and answering! Really appreciated. May 23, 2014 at 19:11

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