Is it possible to have access to the source file of each pattern you have inside Photoshop? A pattern is a squared piece of some artwork that is repeated according to the settings you choose. How could I get direct access to the 1 piece of that specific pattern so I can manipulate it or make it usable for web?

My goal is to have direct access to the pattern itself outside of Photoshop, like a .jpg file or so. I tried accessing Photoshops folder and located the pattern folder but I can´t see any customized pattern I created there, where does Photoshop store the patterns you create? I only saw .pat files there. Is there a way to access directly each pattern separated as a single file?

Please someone help!



There is no direct access.


First make certain Tool Tips is on in the Preferences.

enter image description here

Now, bring up the Pattern selector (here I used the Pattern Overlay Layer Style), and hover your cursor over a pattern until the tool tip pops up....

enter image description here

You'll see the pixel dimensions of the tile there. In this case 400x400px.

Now create a new document at those dimensions and fill it with that pattern. You'll have a single tile of the pattern which you can then save as any image format you want.

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  • Great solution! Not the perfect and easy way but it will work! Thanks a lot for your time taking the screenshots and answering! Really appreciated. – Caio Calderari May 23 '14 at 19:11

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