I have a 300dpi layered .psd file with the exact same measurements as the InDesign document (14.525 x 11 including bleed).

When I place/import the .psd file into InDesign the file appears larger.

The guides on the .psd file do not line up with the guides in the InDesign document which are in the exact same positions on both files.

What am I doing wrong?

  • What happen if you print a proof, how it looks? – Aradnix Aug 23 '14 at 17:30

I would guess that you're not correctly allowing for bleed. Two possibilities:

  • The PSD is the size of the document without the bleed, or the INDD is of the dimensions you give instead of being that size minus bleed.

  • InDesign's document size doesn't include the bleed, so a guide placed at 1 inch from an edge is 1 inch from the trim edge, not from the bleed. A guide that is 1 inch from that same edge in Photoshop wouldn't line up with the InDesign guide; it would be off by the width of the bleed.

(Another possibility, if there is no typo in your question, is that your PSD should be 14.625 inches (14-5/8th) rather than 14.525.)

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