Which google font is most similar to Avenir Next Demi bold?

enter image description here

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  • What aspect / trait / character of this font is it that you want to see back in your alternative?
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  • are you looking for a FREE alternative- or is there any other reason why you dont want to use Avenir?
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Two suggestions:

1. Montserrat

Though recognizable in its own right, the popular Montserrat is probably the best replacement for Avenir.

Montserrat vs. Avenir font comparison

Avenir and Montserrat are both clean, geometric sans serif fonts with clean, simple letterforms and relaxed spacing. Avenir’s letterforms are a bit narrower on the whole. Since Montserrat is on Google Fonts, it’s particularly easy to use in your own project.

Uppercase Montserrat vs. Avenir font comparison

It’s worth noting that in uppercase, both the overall feel (Montserrat is punchy and stocky) and the unique letterforms of each (Avenir’s “Q”, Monserrat’s “G”) set the two apart a bit more.

What it’s got: 9 weights + italics

Get it at: Montserrat at Google Fonts

2. Eau

The clean-cut Eau is a fantastic font on its own, and a great free alternative to Avenir.

Eau vs. Avenir font comparison

While Montserrat above is almost immediately recognizable in its own right, Eau is basically unused in the wild – and therefore makes a more interesting free alternative to Avenir.

Uppercase Eau vs. Avenir font comparison

On the whole, Eau has slightly narrower letterforms and a darker normal weight.

What it’s got: 3 weights + italics

Get it at: Eau at Font Squirrel

Other Avenir alternatives

You can also check out 3 other Avenir alternatives, along with usage notes and download links.


enter image description here Jost is a good alternative, they both had their design derive from Futura and have a similair double story a. Sadly it is purely geometric and doesn't have neo-grotesk-equse letters. If you really need the lowercase T of Avenir in your alternative go use League Spartan with a alternate lowercase A and U.

enter image description here


Try using Identifont's Similar Font Finder: http://www.identifont.com/find?similar=Avenir+Next&q=Go


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