I was given the task to engrave an inscription in this font:

The needed font
Click image for full size

But I have no clue what is written in it nor what font it is written in... Can anyone help me discover what font was used here? Thanks


The font in question is a_AlgeriusRough

enter image description here



I can't help you translate the text, but the font used is some flavor of Algerian (I'll recognize that "A" anywhere!). Algerian Basic D looks similar to what's used in your image, but I suspect it is customized. The "K" is noticably different, but uses the same style as the "R".

Algerian Basic D sample

I am not sure if there exists an Algerian font that contains Cyrillic characters, but this should point you in the right direction.

  • I've found the font with your help, thus I upvoted your answer.... – Ilan May 28 '14 at 21:30

It is Algerius, as Ilan already mentioned, though there are many flavours on this site. In case you need the AlgerianD font with Cyrillic characters (the inline modification of the original font), check this out. I was searching for it for half an hour because I needed it so badly, so I figured I should register on this site and maybe help someone else.

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