I'm having issues since I upgraded my CS Suite with copying vector files to photoshop as a smart object and then saving for web as a png 24. The files look quite pixelated even though they are sharp in illustrator. The file is 152x152 pixels at 72dpi.

I've tried:

  1. Ticking anti-alias
  2. Changing my settings in illustrator for file handling
  3. Copying the file as a much larger size to the clipboard in photoshop

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Temporarily save as a 608x608, 288 dpi image and then scale it down to 152x152, 72dpi. This should smooth/blur the jaggy pixelated transitions.


The way I do.
I haven't tried smart object from Illustrator but if I want to use such elements from illustrator, I do following steps.

  • Save in Adobe Illustrator by clicking Ctrl+Shift+S in desired resolution "dpi".
  • Open it in Adobe Photoshop and resize it in desired resoltion by clicking Alt+Ctrl+I. .
    Note : You must save image file without background

Let me know if this works.


You may have resolved the issue already but I wanted to post anyway since i found this forum first. The pixelation problem can be resolved by checking the box "Anti-alias" (shown here in light-blue). Paste the image > select Smart Object or Pixels > check the box Anti-alias.

This issue plagued me for months... especially since 1 out of 2 computers at work had the problem. I suspected that the issue was related to some settings, and i found the answer on a different forum:enter image description here

  • Hey ROI! Welcome to GD.SE! It looks like in the original question they did try checking Anti-alias and it didn't work for them. Any other ideas?
    – Vicki
    Commented Oct 20, 2015 at 17:57

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