I have come to notice that certain HSV noise filter values applied to a uniform background colour look horrible when viewed on an LCD screen under certain viewing angles. This is more noticeable on (cheap?) laptop/notebook screens.

Here are two contrasting specimen, made with the GIMP HSV noise filter for the RGB colour #F3F3E9.

Below background becomes coarsely grained and patchy on LCD screens under certain viewing angles. It was created by applying the HSV noise filter with the following parameters:

- Holdness = 2
- Hue = 0
- Saturation = 0
- Value = 14

Below background is less offending. However, on an analogue CRT screen the grain becomes barely visible. GIMP HSV noise filter parameters are:

- Holdness = 4
- Hue = 3
- Saturation = 13
- Value = 13

  • I think the fact the pattern is created with GIMP here is irrelevant - what you want to know is the efffects/looks of grainy images on LCD screens. I think that if you retag your question, omtting GIMP altogether, and things like "LCD", "artifact", you would have a better chance of getting a meaningful answer. (even if not the exact values to use in this specific GIMP filter) – jsbueno Jun 1 '14 at 16:14
  • @jsbueno Thanks! I have edited my question following your clues. Nonetheless, feel free to edit more if necessary. – Serge Stroobandt Jun 2 '14 at 13:50

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