I am doing a project in my woodwork class and I need to split a design (in Illustrator) into multiple parts so that it can fit into the laser cutter.

This is the design i used:

Original Design

Next I simply put it into Illustrator and deleted the pieces on it (after a live trace) and ended up with this:

Using Live Trace

Now I have finalized that, I need to split it into 6 equal parts (you can see based on the lines where one would split it into 6 equilateral parts) but i have no clue where to start...


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Disclaimer: i just fiddled with this, and it might not be exactly what you want. These two models will work, though I am sure there are better ways of doing it.

Here is some of the problems: if you need the checkerboard pattern to be exactly as above (i.e. defined difference between black and white) you cannot divide the shape into six. You must divide it into three.

If you need black-white checkerboard, keep 1/3, not 1/6, as going with 1/6 will give you this:

enter image description here

1. suggestion

Trace your image (fiddle with the setting until you find the best solution): enter image description here

then go expand and ungroup. Then delete the parts you do not need:

enter image description here

2. suggestion

Create two hexagons. Overlap them:

enter image description here

Delete all the lines that does not describe a diamond. This is "rotateable" by 120 degrees and will then describe a hexagon.

enter image description here

Then you could either redraw the checkerboard parts, or use this shape as a clipping mask over your existing jpg:

enter image description here

That would probably give you a more accurate version than suggestion #1.

enter image description here


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