How can I change this monochrome map of Europe...

enter image description here

...into mosaic squares, with the pixels offset by a fixed width?

enter image description here

I asked this question but I couldn't find a suitable answer. I hope that you can help me with this.

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My approach would be:

Using Adobe Illustrator:

  • Manually create a huge square full of small squares
  • Paste it on top of the real world map
  • Manually erase the sea parts

Using Illustrator and Photoshop together with no plugins and minimal work.

  1. Open image in Photoshop. (optional if you have a pixel image, but can be a good idea to adjust the levels anyway)
    1. scale it down to suitable pixel size.
    2. Either:
      1. adjust levels so its solid (maybe fix some of white pixels)
      2. use a 2 color mode
  2. move image over to illustrator.
    1. Choose Object -> Create Object Mosaic, type in your pixel dimensions, and gap size. Alternatively use no gap and use the transform each.
    2. Ungroup and select all white squares using Select -> Same -> Fill and delete them.
  3. Bonus you can use round corners to make the coreners round or pixels into circles. Alternatiovely use this as a mask for other shapes in grid.

enter image description here

Image 1: Illustratoion after Bonus step. Note result is heavily dependent on the exact size and how you did the levels. You may need to hint/paint some parts yourself for optimal results.


The easiest way is to simply use the Phantasm Halftone Effect From AstuteGraphics.com

enter image description here

You simply select any object, then choose Effect > Phantasm > Halftone from the menu. Set the halftone to "Square" and reduce the DPI until you're happy with the appearance.

To do it manually, you need to draw a grid of squares (Object > path > Split Into Grid will help), then delete individual squares to form the overall shape.

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