I am not trying to wrap text around a semi-circle but form a semi-circle with text.
Basically the font will gradually increase from left to middle and then decrease from middle to right.
Can photoshop or gimp be used for doing this?
Thanks a lot in advance.

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Using GIMP, you can write your text as normal and then use the filters->Distort->Curve Bend filter - it allows you to draw your desired arc with control points.

GIMP with teh Curve Bend plug-in

Unfortunately the filter uses a simple linear interpolation which let the borders fuzzy, so if you are using GIMP, you should work with a higher resolution than the one intended for the final result, and use the colors->curves tool to sharpen the contrast at the edges after applying the effect and scaling down.

To avoid these sad effects, you should use a vector-based program to create your text, and them copy it over to a raster program if you need a raster image. In Inkscape, for example, you can write your text, convert it to curves (Object->Object To Path), open the Paths->Path Effect Editor... and with the text selected, add an Envelop Deformation effect from the drop down list - then just click on the first icon after the Top bend path entry to edit the contour of the upper bound of the text directly on canvas. This approach gives you crisp text in any scale, and better control than GIMP's curve bend.

Inkscape and the Envelope Deformation path filter


In Photoshop, you could use the create warped text tool.

Start off by creating your text:

enter image description here

Highlight your text and click this little "T" with the line under it:

enter image description here

Choose Arc Upper as the Style and then choose the amount of bend you want:

enter image description here

Click OK to set your bend:

enter image description here

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    – jsbueno
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  • I have edited my answer but the title of question does say "How to form semi-circular text in gimp or photoshop?" so it was pretty obvious anyway.
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