How can I change the color of the dot part (in this case, the dot is the triangle) on "i" letter with Illustrator? I have done the Create Outlines but I can only change the I color as a whole. I'm still noob in Illustrator so I need your help to enlighten me. Thanks

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Create your text

right click and choose Release Compound Path or Object -> Compound Path -> Release

enter image description here

you will then be able to alter the i

enter image description here

If you want to just move the dot of the "i":

enter image description here

Select all the text with the Selection tool V and right click.

enter image description here

Right click again and ungroup

enter image description here

You can then use the Direct Selection tool A and select the shape to alter the points or just click the selection tool again to move it

enter image description here


Sounds like it's a Compound Path. With the outlined 'i' selected, use Object → Compound Path → Release (or just right click on it and select Release Compound Path). The shapes will then be separated and you can change the colors independently.

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