I tried designing a small 32px x 32px pixel file in Photoshop CS6 to make a favicon for my website. But saving it as an .ico file makes it an unprocessable image and could not be used. But when I designed the same using paint and saved it as an .ico file there in paint, the image worked. Can I know why? Thanks in advance.

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Not sure of the 'why', but I know how to solve it – I had the same problem but just discovered Real favicon generator via this thread: StackOverflow: best practice for favicons 2013 and it does the job perfectly!

You just need to throw in a high-res version of your icon and it generates all the icons you need (for mobile and tablet as well as desktop).

  • wow! Thank you this has really been useful. :-)
    – Parth
    Jun 14, 2014 at 21:15

I use CS5 most of the time, and if I recall correctly, there is no native ICO export. I've used this plugin for years now: Telegraphics plugins

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