I created a table. After filling in the data I had a couple of empty cells at end. I would like to delete those without affecting the other columns or rows. How do I do this? I looked online but they tell you how to delete the entire column or row not an individual cell.

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You can't delete individual cells. The overall table grid must be maintained. Removing a single cell would make the table outline non-rectangular and that is not possible.

You can delete Rows or Columns by first selecting them and then using Table > Delete in the menu. Or, you can merge cells (combine multiple cells to look like one cell) using the Table menu.

Be aware, InDesign has a bug that if you try and delete the bottom row of a table the app will often crash on the Mac. I've reported this numerous times but the bug still exists. If deleting the bottom row of a table, save the document first.


I know this isn't probably the answer you're looking for but it might get the job done:

Merge the cells and change any fills and outer stokes to none. They would effectively disappear.

I can go into more detail on this if you think it'll help.

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