I need help for making this circular shape in Adobe Illustrator.

I assume it is basically just making circle shapes over and over again using the strokes and putting it inside each other over and over again?

Is there a better method to create this circular pattern?

Poster for the movie Moon starring Sam Rockwell

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    And the more interesting question: how to create one without a moiré pattern?
    – RegDwight
    Jun 21, 2014 at 18:23

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Use the Polar Grid Tool. This is what it's for.

Tap the arrow on the keyboard while dragging to add rings. Tap the arrow while dragging to remove rings. Tap or arrows to remove or add dividing lines.

enter image description here

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    Jun 20, 2014 at 13:58

As you have already selected the correct answer, this is for anyone who want to know the exact steps.

Create your smallest circle using the ellipse tool, then create your biggest circle around it (copy the smaller circle then press ctrl+shift+v to paste in place and hold shift to scale up (On PC)); highlight the two and choose Object > Blend > Make

enter image description here

This will start the path between the smallest object and the largest. Then select Object > Blend > Blend Options and choose Specified Steps to choose the amount of steps you want between your smallest and largest circle:

enter image description here

Once you're happy with the amount of circles, you can select Object > Expand to release the circles so you can further edit them if you wish: enter image description here

  1. Create the largest one.
  2. Then create the smallest one via Edit > Copy (Ctrl/Option+C) -> Edit > Paste in front (Ctrl/Option+F) -> scale down.
  3. Then select both objects, go to Object -> Blend and select specified steps.

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