I have downloaded font and saw this video. Here author show, how to use all glyphs in Illustrator. But how to use it in Photoshop? I tried to find symbols in Fonts.app, copy it and paste to photoshop but it appear as square with cross. Help please :)

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Photoshop doesn't have a glyphs window but all glyphs have a keyboard shortcut (usually alt+something)

Here's a pretty good reference

Or just look for the shortcut in Google..


Photoshop has very patchy support of OpenType glyphs and without knowing which version you're running it's hard to give 100% accurate advice.

Here's a couple of workarounds I'd try:

  • Use the OS X'Character Viewer' app instead of the Fonts app to select and copy the glyphs you want. Make sure to select 'Special Characters' from the Edit menu.
  • Use Illustrator to copy and paste the glyphs across.

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