I am recently working on an InDesign template, however when I export the template as PDF the contents of the page reach to the far left of the page. I want to leave some gap on the left side, center the content, whichever be best for printing and spiral binding.

  • How can this be done without individually moving all elements?

  • How can I add space around the outside of a finished page design, for use in home printing?

In the following image, the green borderline shows where I want my contents to be. I want it to be similar to the layout InDesign produces when it adds printer marks sans the marks.

enter image description here

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    Hi there and welcome to GD! Not sure if I understand your problem. Could you add some screenshots of the problem? For example one that shows what you are doing in Indesign, and one shot of the resulting pdf?
    – benteh
    Jun 22, 2014 at 20:14

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If you are planning on re-using or updating this regularly, the answer is that you have to move all the elements or rebuild the page.

You can grab everything, reduce it to 95%, and tweak to make it work, or re-create your document with the proper margins.

If you're going to print it once and never again, you could cheat by reducing just your printout to 95%, although it's a little sloppy and may not look right.


No you must moving the elements, maybe with group all together moving is quick enough … other solution may be: create a new document with a empty box place it where u want it to have the space left, load the Indesign or Pdf file/pages and make the Pdf for printing.

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