I have a script that batch processes images, adding a radial blur on the blue channel. What I want to do is change the radial blur's origin or centre point in each successive image. Is there a way of scripting this? At the moment for the first image, when I recorded the action, i placed the centre point manually, photoshop must have some code somewhere to show what I did. Any ideas on how to access this?

It's a series of the sun shining through trees, I want the radial blur to track from one side to the other like the sun does in the images (timelapse)

  • Based on the photshop cc javascript reference pdf I'd say no. Not directly anyways. Example code says: applyRadialBlur(amount, blurMethod, blurQuality) None of these three arguments control the location. ||| You could perhaps get around it by adding extra whitespace to the document before applying the radial blur.
    – Joonas
    Commented Jun 23, 2014 at 12:14

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This kind of automation control isn't really available using just Photoshop actions, to go that deep you'll need to leverage Photoshop's Scripting API.

Unfortunately I don't have much knowledge on the PS API; I'd recommend visiting ps-scripts.com, hopefully you can find some experts there.

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