Since updating to Creative Cloud, Photoshop 2014, guidelines have started appearing. In trying to screenshot it I figured out it occurs when pressing the Ctrl key on an editable layer. However, I'm not sure all of the features (new I presume) and don't see it in the Keyboard Shortcut listings to change.

Does anyone know the correct name for the feature, and what it can do?

enter image description here

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I noticed this as well. It seems they integrated this new feature into Smart Guides where it shows you the distance from neighboring layers. Although helpful it can get really annoying when you're just trying to cmd+select layers. The only solution I've found thus far is just turning Smart Guides off.


Distances from the canvas:

When you hold down the Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows) key while hovering outside a shape, Photoshop displays distances from the canvas.

here a description

probably you can disable this behaviour by unchecking the Measurement label mark like on Illustrator (I don't have a CC Photoshop, so re-check it) -

enter image description here

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