I have created a few icons of 64px x 64px on one canvas in Illustrator CS6. Now I need each of the icons to be in .png file format. So I created a new document in Illustrator with 64px x 64px dimensions and copy paste one of the previously created icons. Now when I want to save it as f .png file format it does not remain 64px x 64px size rather it becomes like 63px x 63px size with 1 pixel from 2 sides erased. What mistake did I make and what is the remedy to it? How do I get to a 64px x 64px size?



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If I am understanding your question correctly you need to make sure to have Use Artboards:

File -> Export -> Use Artboards

enter image description here

This was also on Stacked awhile ago: "Keep original size when export image from illustrator"


Problem Solved:

Select an artboard and press "shift+O". Check artbard properties in the top right hand side. X postion(X), Y position(Y), Height(H) and width(W) all should be integers. NO DECIMAL VALUES. Now, there won't be even a pixel change while exporting.

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