I want to clarify a small issue with Shear Tool, because I feel there is a common rule I miss.

I created a rectangle and applied Rounded Effect. At this stage I did not expanded appearance.

Next, I applied Shear Tool as you can see on the picture: you can see the bounds of the applied shear tool, however there are no real shape changes - if the object deselected it looks like regular rounded rectangle. If I apply Expand Appearance I get the same rounded rectangle.

What is the general rule that I miss?

enter image description here

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Use Effect > Stylize > Round Corners rather than Effect > Convert to Shape > Rounded Rectangle.

By using the Convert To Shape effect, you are asking the shape, no matter what it is, to be converted to a rounded rectangle. That's literally what the menu reads convert to shape.

Using the Round Corners effect will allow you to round corners on any shape.


You need to expand appearance before using the shear tool..

  • not true, as explained in the other answer
    – Luciano
    Aug 16, 2016 at 9:28

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