I'm trying to create an illustrated map for a friend's wedding. Most map tutorials I can find are for technical maps and I would like to find a resource with tips and tricks for designing more illustrative, design maps. Examples below: enter image description here enter image description here


These are all hand drawn/painted. You won't really find many tutorials on how to draw something as specific as a map. Just look for general drawing tutorials.

It's honestly just a matter of picking up a pencil and start drawing it.

There are no magic buttons or tutorials to draw something for you.


While seconding Scott's "There's no magic button," what I did when I had to create city and country maps was to find an actual paper map, scan it, and trace it in Illustrator. That gave me a good realistic grid. From there I could simplify the map, pretty it up, tweak streets, add icons, etc.

If you want the hand-drawn look, buy the paper map and use tracing paper or a lightbox so you can trace the original.


This tutorial from Smashing Magazine seems relevant:


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