Hello I want to rotate a picture in gimp but I want the axis to be at the end of the picture. Kind of like a picture being a knife in a folding knife. I want to be able to rotate a picture like that. Anyone know how to? Cheers.

Look at the picture ( I want to rotate the photo from the white point) meaning I want it to spin with the axis at the white point.)enter image description here

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To rotate an object in Gimp (here 2.8.) using the rotate tool we have to add it as a "Floating Selection", or we make any selection (which can also be the whole image) float with Select > Float (or Shift+Ctrl+L).

We can then move the center of rotation by dragging it with the mouse to the desired postition, or by giving the exact coordinates relative to the canvas in the Rotate dialog (per default or on pressing Reset this will be the center of the object):

enter image description here

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