I'm an engineering undergrad and in a typical biodata format, my biodata easily runs into two pages.

I have been trying to make a one-page biodata but looks too congested to me (and a lot of other people).

My attempt at a one page thing

How can I better organize the stuff? I appreciate your answers. Thank you ^^

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    My immediate reaction is to the typography. I can't figure out the hierarchy of type faces and type styles. It appears random. I'd start with rethinking that. – DA01 Jul 18 '14 at 17:35
  • "Typical biodata" -- I've never heard this biodata term before. Is this just what people in India call a résumé? Are all of these sections standard for employers in India? – Ryan Jul 18 '14 at 17:39
  • As @DA01 mentions, the typography is confusing. That is the first major issue. I would suggest revising that and updating your question, you want your resume to be clear and concise. Like a website the most important thing is to clearly communicate information. Best of luck :) – Jenna Jul 18 '14 at 18:10
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    Oh, and loose all that small-caps! – benteh Jul 18 '14 at 22:00
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    There was so much going on I didnt even notice the small caps. Yes, get rid of that too as @RandomO'Reilly said – Ryan Jul 18 '14 at 22:33

There's a lot going on here but see if I can help you out.

First is alignment which has a lot going on.

The outer most area is different width on all 4 sides. This should really either be 1 width, or at most 2 widths (sides & top/bottom):

enter image description here

Then internally, nothing quite lines up correctly. This makes it difficult for a reader to follow. See in this close up how the letters aren't straight down:

enter image description here

Then there's all sorts of variations make it very difficult to follow. Here in red I tried to note it as best I could. Basically you've got completely different formats, and even fonts on here. All of them should follow the same format. If anything isn't clear in my notes let me know:

enter image description here

Then we've got more alignment issues over here:

enter image description here

The alignment is the biggest thing. Get everything in a format that fits. Then you can look at the typography. I'd also suggest ditching the word RESUME at the top. And the icons by your contact information. There's no reason for any of it and it takes up a huge chunk of paper.

Hope this helps you a bit.

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  • I'd also put 'awards & special mentions' on one line and leave some white space between your columns. – Jenna Jul 19 '14 at 1:22

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