I am looking for an appealing way to showcase some of my existing software online. I noticed that a current trend is to show the software running on multiple devices, like this:

From here: media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/af/b0/ed/afb0ed0de200f13e6fd425f9937fa7e1.jpg

From here: www.admirhadzic.com/img/projects/weboxit/04/2400.jpg

Does everyone who uses this design pattern really photograph their own images, or is there somewhere I can find pictures such as this, and drop my own images in as the "screens"?

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There are hundreds of stock photographs like these for sale all over the web, these being some of my personal favorites

If you just search for "device mockups" you should get a fair few results. There was a pack a while ago that was absolutely fantastic, that you only needed to drop your screenshot into a smart layer and it would adjust it to the device automatically: 50 Apple Devices MockUps


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