I've tried several scripts and they all appear broken or do not work properly.

I need a method to export objects with the object names as their file names – like tree.jpg or location.png.

The only solution I've found thus far is Layer Exporter. However, this option trims the edges of the images and does not support @2x sizing. Therefore it's not a very good solution.

Layer Exporter trims so much

I can add transparent boxes inside of items like this but I think that this way is wrong.

Also, in CC 2014 the batch renaming of items is broken – it replaces item name with selected format. To avoid this issue you can install dev version of this extension.

I tried also this options:

  • Export layers as png files from Illustrator in multiple resolutions! by Arcticmill – this script can export only layers or sublayers with # or % in their names. I have a lot of objects and do not want to convert them into sublayers.
  • MultiExporter has “Export Layers” → “Selected items' layers” in UI but falls into error Error: an Illustrator error occurred: 1346458189 ('MRAP') so I don't know the result of this action.
  • There is also a MultiExporter fork by thierryc with PSD export and multisize that includes @2x export but it has a similar problem.
  • Layer Export by Metamorphical also exports only top-level layers
  • Export Layers as Images by John Wundes just does nothing in CC 2014.

Are there any automated options to export images retaining object names and supporting @2x sizing?

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It was easy to find this feature just with googing illustrator assets generator and finding this on Adobe TV.

Just in short: CSS Properties pane.

  • If you want to export a raster image (png for example) you need to add your object into a symbol. Sometimes I was need to rename an object after creating a symbol. Strange.
  • Regular size @1x value is 72 ppi
  • Double size @2x value is 144 ppi
  • css file exports always
  • You can place your objects into separate artboard to export them with absolute positions based on top left artboard corner. Useful when you need to create something dynamic with hover and .active (pseudo-)classes.

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