is there a way to render a scene with wireframe blending effect in 3DS Max?

Like this or something similar to this effect - enter image description here

Something like this is possible using blender

enter image description here

Is 3DS Max capable of it?

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Besides that this is not the fastest method, is more interactive that any other method.

First, render you image as you would normally do. Then create a Standard Material and check Wire under the Shader Basic Parameters. Replace this new material with the one your geometry has.

enter image description here

Rerender the Image, save it and compose both results with a Gradient as a Transparency Mask and choose your desired Blend Mode: Add, Screen, Multiply ...

That's it!

  • Thanks. My PC is a little slow so I'll check it out and see what it comes up.
    – Vladimir
    Commented Sep 8, 2014 at 12:33

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