In Adobe Illustrator How do I divide two overlapping shapes into individual parts so the overlap area is a shape and the non overlap areas are two shapes. So I end up with three shapes that can each stand alone and be colored individually?

  • also if you use transpsrent shapes then transparency flattener does this
    – joojaa
    Aug 18, 2014 at 14:24

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There's a couple of possibilities:

  1. Open the Pathfinder palette (Window > Pathfinder or Shift+Control / Option+F9) and use the Divide option—the first icon on the second line. This makes the three shapes into a group. Ungroup them and you can edit them.
  2. Select both shapes, choose the Shape builder tool (Shift+M) and click each of the three shapes once. Then they'll be separate and can be edited as such.

Select the object and choose Object > Flatten Transparency...

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