I am new to graphics field I would like apply cross and checked pattern with in selected image area in Photoshop and I don't have any ready cross and checked patterns.

Anyone can share the procedure to create and apply cross and checked pattern in image using photoshop cs5

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Make your own.

  1. Open up a new document and set some suitable pixel dimensions like 40 x 40.
  2. Select Edit → Preferences → Guides, Grid and Slices... and set your grid spacing to 10 pixel intervals, or something suitable to your size.
  3. Make sure grid snap is turned on, in View → Snap → Grid.
  4. With rectangular marquee select, one lower quadrant, hold Shift down and select opposite quadrant.
  5. Fill with foreground color. Alt/Cmd+ (backspace).

    Steps 4 and 5

    Image 1: Select with marque, shift select and fill.

  6. Select everything. Ctrl/Option+A.

  7. Choose Edit → Define PAttern...,
  8. Done with Checker, adapt these instructions for grid (should be straightforward).

To use

  1. In the layer bar choose the adjustment layer button and choose Pattern

    Pattern adjustment

    Image 2: Chosing pattern layer

  2. Done.


I agree with @joojaa, it is the way to do it. I would just recommend to save your pattern so that you can have it in future. the way to do it if you need to:

double click on the empty area

select pattern overlay

select your check pattern you created earlier!

Save your pattern

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