Any idea on how to Design Printable stuff for different cars. I mean branding a complete car by designing stickers which are than pasted on a car. The main problem is that how can we get the measurements of different things like doors of the car etc...

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Do some research on the subject and its not that difficult to find this information. You need to get templates for the wraps either from online or a manufacturer.

Your design starts with an accurate template of your vehicle — they are available from the manufacturer or online and are essential for creation of your design at the correct size. Most templates come drawn at a scale of 1:20. Change the scale from 1:20 to 1:10 by selecting all and increasing the size by 200%. Now the scale is 1:10, where 1 inch onscreen equals 10 inches in real life. When the files are output, they are scaled at 1000%. It keeps the math simple.

Source: 10 Tips for Designing Vehicle Wraps in Adobe Illustrator

Here's another article on the subject: SDGMAG - Vehicle Templates for Wraps which indicates this is another useful place to get accurate templates: digitaldesignware.com.

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