I' quite new to Inkscape and came across something that I don't quite understand.

I made two simple paths. I tried filling them both, but as it appears, one of the two paths has double lines. This causes the fill to have an effect more similar to a stroke.

single line

This is my "normal" path.

double line

And this is the path in question. I have no idea how it became this way. Is there any way to revert it to a single line?

This is a link to the file, in case that could help.

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What happened is most probably that you used Stroke to Path on the double path.

As you paths were rather thin, you can recover a good approximation of the original path quite easily:

  1. Select the “double path”.
  2. Use Path → Break Apart. You should now have two almost identical shapes.
  3. Delete one of the shapes.
  4. Make the remaining shape an outline shape instead of a filled shape, for example as follows:

    1. Select a “normal” path.
    2. Copy.
    3. Select the shape.
    4. Paste Style.
  • Thanks a lot. This did the trick. I'm guessing that something like this shouldn't have been too hard to do. Forgive me, I'm new. ;)
    – zaruvi
    Sep 3, 2014 at 8:45

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