I'm creating a presentation template and I'm thinking of placing a little navigation on one side of the page to show viewers where they are in the presentation and whats left.

Does this make sense?

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Avoid convention when it comes to slides. Lynda.com has a great presentation training for this. Think Steve Jobs, one word on a slide. The slides shouldn't be the bulk of the information, it should be the centering for the topic. If you wanted to report your company had a $5B sales increase you shouldn't do it like this:

Sales in 2014: ^$5,000,000,000

Most extreme example like this:


The talk should be the focus and the message the point. When you reveal your slide you can say, "I want to show you a number...It represents Billions in new volume"

  • Thanks tongsau. This very true. I'll give Lynda.com a look. Sep 17, 2014 at 8:34

This would depend on how the presentation is being navigated and who is controlling it. From a visual perspective on a projector navigation may serve no purpose if you're the one controlling it. A presentation slide show should only focus on what the current view point is targeting and adding a navigation would results in people always looking at it..

If your presentation is technical or one that someone may consider as boring I would imagine that the only thing someone may take away from it is "oh... 10 more slides left".

The content would also play a factor. If your presentation is very large and sub-level topics than it might be a helpful reminder.


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