get rid of seem?

Is it possible in Sketch3 to do a mask w/ a gradient to make these two images seemless? Basically this technique (for photoshop) http://www.wikihow.com/Fade-One-Image-Onto-Another-in-Photoshop

...how do I do this in Sketch 3?


This is possible.

  1. Insert a rectangle around the first image.
  2. Select both rectangle and image, and mask it: Layer / Mask with Selected Shape.
  3. Select the Mask and switch it to Alpha Mask: Layer / Mask Mode / Alpha Mask.
  4. Fill it with a Linear gradient, set the start color to transparent and the end color to black.
  5. Adjust the angle of the gradient from top/bottom to left/right.
  6. Do the exact same for the second image, but set the angle of the gradient right/left.
  7. Move the second image slightly on top of the first image.

And voila:

enter image description here

Download the sketch file: http://ge.tt/7j2J7J12/v/0?c

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