My question is easy.

I remember a function in an older version of Photoshop where I could say Photoshop to preview things I move around in lower quality to improve performance.

Where can I activate it in Photoshop CC? Or doesn't it exist anymore?


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I've been using Photoshop for a long time and there's still features I don't know about or don't know well so this is certainly possible but I really don't think you're right. I'm guessing you're thinking of InDesign which has Display Performance:

enter image description here

In Photoshop you can do other things to improve performance such as Cache Options and Graphic Card settings and such. Two things you might consider are:

Turning off animated zoom: Open Photoshop → Preferences → General → Animated Zoom & Enable Flick Panning → “Unchecked”

Turn off Layer Thumbnails: Open Photoshop → Layers Panel → Layers Panel Menu (dropdown) → Panel Options → “None”

enter image description here

Since the thumbnails have to constantly update as well this can really improve performance. But the sacrifice is no layer preview. Gotta be your choice. For more ways here's a good link:

How To Optimize Photoshop For Better Performance by David McKinney

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