I've just begun using Photoshop CS6 and encountered a problem I've never had before. 1. Went to Custom Shapes Tool, chose a shape, selected a colour (now shows in foreground). 2. Top bar shows from left: Custom Shape Icon, Option chosen is Shape (not Pixels or Path), Fill block - shows the colour I specified: maroon, Stroke block set to None. 3. With crosshair cursor, I click, shape appears correctly on layer but with a GREEN colour. 4. Foreground colour shows my maroon colour, so does Fill block on top bar, as well as Colour Picker when I click on Shape layer. 5. No matter what I do, I cannot fill with my chosen colour, repeatedly shows green. 6. Tried to rasterise shape and recolour, still shows green. 7. Tried to choose another colour on Swatches palette, gives me a purple. No matter what colour I choose, it gives another colour. PLEASE HELP. I CANNOT GET MY WORK DONE. I increased RAM 3 days ago - was 4GB now 6GB. Surely this would not have affected my Apps?


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I found the answer by checking all my layers. My layers are very organised, in groups etc. Within one of my CLOSED LAYER GROUPS, ABOVE THE SHAPE LAYER I was working on, was a hue and saturation layer. This was affecting the colour I was trying to specify. So simple, yet so frustrating. And there I was thinking my new Photoshop CS6 was somehow corrupt and would have to be re-loaded. Apologies to anyone reading this and trying to work on an answer.

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