Hello fellow creatives!

I know this sounds like a stupid question, but this has been driving me insane for ages!

How do I achieve the following in adobe illustrator:

How do I create a slanted text look with a bordering box whilst maintaining its aspect ratio? I know this sounds confusing, so here is an image of what I am trying to achieve.

This is what I am trying to create.

Thanks in advance! Stay creative!


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  • Set type.
  • Draw a box behind it
  • Select box and type
  • Use the Shear Tool - click once on one side of the box to set the origin, then click-drag at the other side of the box, hold the Shift down and drag up or down.

enter image description here

There are a few other methods you could use, from the Free Transform Tool to Type on a Path to Envelopes and transform effects, but this is probably the most straightforward method.


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