Illustrator files don't always import correctly into Flash. What are the common reasons for failure and is there any way to improve the import quality?

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Illustrator supports many advanced graphics features that Flash does not. Certain shapes are converted to bitmaps, and certain shapes don't import properly at all. Some of them are:

  • Mesh gradients - Flash only supports linear/radial gradients, so if you want to preserve these, you'll have to import these as bitmaps
  • Opacity masks - Flash only supports fully opaque masks, not alpha masks. May not import properly no matter what settings you use. Will need touch-up work post-import.

The things that easily import 1:1 are:

  • Shapes - Imports perfectly
  • Solid fills/strokes - Imports perfectly
  • Linear & Radial gradients - Imports perfectly
  • Text - Can be problematic but mostly perfect - Imports perfectly

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