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Let's take a bunch of lines, like in (A) (We could have bezier curves, either. Let's say: open paths)

Let's take then a circle (or another closed path), like (B)

Let's put the each above/below the other(s) like (C)

Is there in Inkscape a (quick) way to get (D) or (E) NOT just as the result of a CLIPPING MASK, but as a set of inscribed(D)/outscribed(E) paths?

I mean: paths beginning/ending where the circle happened to "trim" the rest.

Thank You


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Starting from a bunch of lines, you can combine them with Ctrl+K (refer to Path menu):

Combined lines

Then you have to put the second path in the desired position:

Both the paths

Now, you can cut the path with Ctrl+Alt+/:

after cutting

Here come the boring part: each line is cutted in two or more segments. You have to select them one by one (I have colored the stroke while selecting, just to see the selected paths):

Selected paths

You can move the selection and the work is done:

Work is done

Note that the selection is made by single paths, you can combine or group them to simplify further operations.

  • This loses style information? I have 8 stacked paths with different styles.
    – AnnanFay
    Commented Dec 2, 2020 at 20:04
  • 1
    Combining operation results in a single path with a single style (the style of the first path). In order to maintain 8 path with different styles you should either applying the method separately to each path or you should use a clipping mask. Commented Dec 3, 2020 at 3:00

Have a look at this answer here: Cut Multiple Objects with the "Mulit-Bool" add-on.


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