How is it called when the carvings on a wooden or metallic surface are filled with ink while the relief is left uncover or painted resembling a shiny material. Beside, is there a common technique to accomplish this effect in Photoshop?

enter image description here


Looking for photoshop-antique-text-tutorial (thanks to Scott for his answer) I found this tutorial that closely resembles the effect I want to accomplish, but I need to change the sharp Bevel & Emboss effect for a smooth transition and maybe an outer glow that darken the regions surrounding the relief.

enter image description here


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Play around with the Bevel & Emboss effect in Photoshop

Quick/silly example: enter image description here


In metallurgy it's called Antiquing.

To create a similar appearance in Photoshop, simply darken the areas you wish to appear farther recessed.

Without seeing images you are actually working with, it's difficult to give any further guidance.

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