I have a text and white paths above it. I need to 'crop' the text with the paths... Similar to the "punch" of adobe fireworks. How I do this? thanks

enter image description here

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    This question has answers that should solve your issue :)
    – Jenna
    Commented Nov 4, 2014 at 11:08

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There's multiple ways: actually subtracting your white path from the text shape, or creating a clipping or opacity mask.

Subtracting from the text shape

Since Illustrator doesn't see text objects as shapes, you'll have to Object > Expand your text object to a shape first. This has the side effect of your text not being editable as text anymore. Ungroup the text (expanding creates a group of objects, each letter being a single object), and then use the Pathfinder palette to punch out your shapes.

Creating a clipping mask

  • Group your text if it's multiple objects;
  • Create a shape covering all of your text;
  • Punch out the white shapes from this shape;
  • Remove fill and stroke from the shape;
  • Select both the 'empty' shape and your text group;
  • Choose Object > Clipping Mask > Make.

Creating an opacity mask

See this question and answer. Thanks, Jenna.

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