After Effects and other Mac only tools are popular among designers for prototyping animations of mobile apps. I wanted to know if there's anyone here who uses Blender for prototyping?

If you do use could you tell me your workflow and experience with it?

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    What does Blender (I do not know this program)? What does the manual tell you? What tried you and where and what is your problem using this software?
    – Mensch
    Nov 5, 2014 at 7:50
  • After Effects isn't Mac only... Mar 12, 2016 at 1:26

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3D Applications, like Blender, Maya, Modo etc. are as good as After Effects for mocking up things like this. Perhaps better in some regard, although typography is typically easier in After Effects. 2 dimensionality is after all just a subset of 3D. Slap in a orthographic camera and you are set

You may need to work on the workflow a bit upfront. So saving out some nice models of buttons and animation key frames/expressions will speed up your workflow for future projects too. But this applies to any software.

I used to do this a lot, though personally I avoid blender. But since I am not using any features that do not exist in blender same applies to blender, as it does to modo, Houdini and 3dsMAX

enter image description here

Image 1: Quick and dirty mockup of a possible mockup (10 min from scratch) done in Maya. I'm in a bit of hurry so no time to refine this. Works equally well in blender.

PS after effects is not a mac only app.

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