Sorry for the question. I am new to graphic design. I am a developer. I just bought an icon bundle for iOS & Android applications. I found that the colors are only black & while. The icons come with some formats such as PNG, PSD. I just want to modify icons colors. I only used Windows Mspaint application before.

Can someone guide me how to do? What software do you recommend?

How can I extract an icon from set of icons in a big PNG file?

Note that the purpose of using these icons is for iOS & Android applications.

Thank you!

  • I highly recommend Photoshop even if you don't get the newest version but Gimp could still be good for this.
    – CheeseCake
    Nov 7 '14 at 13:26

a PSD is a photoshop file. Here is a list of Free Adobe Photoshop Alternatives.

This will be the best way to alter your icons.

  • Thanks!. I thought about Photoshop before but it is too big for me since I am new to it.
    – Loc
    Nov 6 '14 at 20:13

This will be very easy for you.

  1. Photoshop CC, all cloud based software around $20 US a month
  2. GIMP is free and very close to the above

Fast way to alter color of each icon:

  1. Upload icons
  2. Go to "layer style" then "color overlay"
  3. Pick color
  4. Save again as PNG

This way, your icon will recolor and your background stays transparent.

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