I've drawn a path with the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator. I did some other work, but now I want to extend the path with more points. How can I continue drawing the path where if I click off of the path, it generates a new anchor point and connects it?

I know I could keep adding more points along the existing path using the "add anchor point", but I'd like to keep drawing as if I had never stopped drawing the original path (click a new place on the screen, and the path continues to there).

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With the Pen Tool start by clicking the anchor point at the end of the existing path.... then you can continue drawing.

The pen tool icon will have a little / next to it indicate clicking will continue the existing path. If you aren't exactly over the path endpoint, you'll see a * instead, which indicates a new path.

Continue Path <-- Continue Path vs New Path --> New Path

continue with precise <--- if precise cursors are enabled


Probably the easiest way to achieve that is using Blob Brush Tool:

enter image description here

enter image description here

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