how can I align some text in any text area vertically? so I can align a label vertically and Horizontally in any text area, as if i align the text in a table cell.

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You could use the

Character Style

  • Horizontal Scale
  • Vertical Scale And maybe taking it a step further turn on the Asian font settings to access the Tate-chu-yoko and Warichu settings for the Vertical Up/Down alignment.

And also set up

Paragraph Styles

  • Advanced Character Formats
  • Indents and Spacing

I use Indents to create the padding found in a HTML box-model

There is also the same controls for Asian Characters mentioned above including Japanese Composition Settings.

It's all about learning the hacks until they move more into the Web Design aspect that was introduced in the CC version.

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Unfortunately, there is no option to vertically align text within a text box in Illustrator.

You might can try this script which was posted as an answer on a similar question.

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  • thank you .. it have just try it and the script didn't do what I am asking for. it just resize the area text boundaries to fit to the content. but it didn't align the text inside. – hsawires Nov 12 '14 at 9:19
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    This is why I hate Adobe. They add new random things, but can't simplify the basics. – JGallardo Feb 26 '17 at 2:14

You can use a negative baseline (Character panel > Show Options) to simulate vertical alignment. This is the only way that has worked well for me to visually center text in a text box with a colored background. Without using a negative baseline, the Type > Area Type Options > Offset > Inset spacing doesn't let you vertically center text in a text box.

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Vertical text align is not available in illustrator. It is native to InDesign and I suspect it's left out deliberately because illustrator is not typography focused. It is a feature I would use on a daily basis when creating diagrams if it were available. I think it's a feature that should be added.

My fix is usually putting text in boxes and shrinking the texboxes down to fit snugly with the text (the last line disappears if you have gone too far) . Then using the normal vertical align tools to vertically align the text to something. It's cumbersome but it works.

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You may try "Type on a path Tool". It has an option of justifing the text vertically to path center, but first create path and put the text and then go to the Type menu to change its settings. You can justify it horizonatally from paragraph panel. Optioanlly you may set the opacity of the path to zero to hide it.

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This will work for some instances.

1) Make sure your type is Area type (Type > Convert To Area Type)

2) Type > Area Type Options, select the Auto Size checkbox

3) Open the Appearance panel (Window > Appearance)

4) Add a stroke (or fill, or both). With your stroke selected, click the fx button and choose: Convert to Shape; select the shape of your choice (rectangle, rounded rectangle or ellipse).

5) Click the fx name and adjust the parameters to suit your requirement (Absolute, Relative, Width/Extra Width, Height/Extra Height, etc.).

6) Once you have one set up right you can alt-drag the settings to other strokes/fills in your appearance stack.

7) Once you are happy your shape fits your project, save it as a graphic style so you can apply it with just one click.

8) Raise your hands skywards and proclaim "Halleluja" (or other suitable exclamation of joy).

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Paragraph Align

1) Select the "Type," "Area Type" or "Vertical Area Type" tool.

2) Click in the text frame that contains vertical text.

3) Click on the "Window" menu and hover over "Type." Select "Paragraph" to activate the paragraph panel.

4) Select the "Align Top," "Align Center" or "Align Bottom" icons in the paragraph panel or on the control panel. The paragraph of text will adjust to the top, center or bottom of the text frame.

Align to Object

5) Hold down the "Shift" key, and select the area type and the object that you want to align the type with.

6) Click on the "Window" menu, and select "Align" to activate the "Align" Panel.

7) Select the desired alignment icon from the align panel. Illustrator automatically moves the text frame and the object to align the text frame with the selected object.

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    there is no "align bottom", "align top" in illustrator. you are talking about another software. – hsawires Nov 12 '14 at 8:33
  • bro i work in that only for logo designing. – roxid Nov 12 '14 at 8:56
  • i.imgur.com/6qKgnLq.jpg – roxid Nov 12 '14 at 9:00
  • 1
    no doubt but I am talking about "Paragraphs" and text area where there is no such option. maybe a screenshot will explain more your point. please. Thanks in advance. – hsawires Nov 12 '14 at 9:00
  • Thank you for the screenshot but this is not what I am talking about it is something like that example how to do it using illustrator? – hsawires Nov 12 '14 at 9:08

After almost half an hour going through so many answers and not able to understand. I did some hit and try and found a very very simple solution.

Just select the text in the text box right click select "object Properties" a toolbar shall open in the right hand side got to option "Frame" just move your cursor on the available options and it shall show you the vertical alignment possibilities.

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  • there's no such option in Illustrator – Luciano May 25 '18 at 12:02

When you type a text. There should be a saying "Paragraph like this" http://imgur.com/90lL0cl

Then you align it to the right or left or in the center. I hope this has have helped!

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    They are asking about aligning the text vertically, not horizontally. – Nico Bach Nov 11 '14 at 19:00

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