what I try to achieve is a succession of circles smaller in smaller from one position to another.

I first draw a big circle (right on the picture) and duplicate it, translate it to the left and resize it smaller, then I repeat the action manually. But I want it to be automatic. However in Illustrator if you use the "repeat" command (CTRL+D) only the last action is considered (resizing here).

Is there a way to automate that ? :

enter image description here


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For Doing this In Adobe Illustrator
Make a Circle, Select it and go to object menu - Transform - Transform each

then you can move , scale, rotate or reflect your object and now with CTR + D command all things will be repeat which you had applied

For more details view this Video


One way would be to use a blend:

  1. Draw your largest and your smallest circle;
  2. Select both objects and choose the Blend tool (W);
  3. Click an anchor in one of your objects (eg. the top anchor);
  4. Click the corresponding anchor in the other object (the top);
  5. double click the blend tool with the blend still selected;
  6. Choose Specified steps and enter the number of intermediate steps you want;
  7. Object > Expand Appearance as needed.

As long as you haven't expanded the result, you can still change the blend by editing the two terminal shapes, or the connecting path. The blend behaves as a group, so double-click it with the Move tool (V) to enter it and edit its parts.

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