I have a noob question (I guess).

I'm trying, with Photoshop CS6, to make what I call modular elements for web layouts.

I mean : when I make a header for a website, I would use the same source for all the layouts of this project. So I want to have a header.psd source in include it in every layout I will create for this project.

Then, if I need to modify the header, I just have to go in header.psd and modify it. The modifications will be effective on all the layouts which actually use header.psd as source.

Pretty much the same as in web development : including file in another (e.g. with PHP).

The thing is : smart objects don't do that (if I group some layers into a smart object, then modify this smart object, the modification will only be effective on the document where I created the smart object).

Is it possible with PS CS6? how ?

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In Photoshop CS6, No it is not possible.

In Photoshop CC, you can use File > Place Linked to link to an external file. When the external file changes, the existing Photoshop document link will update.

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