I used the Roboto font for my projects in Photoshop.
I donwloaded from here http://developer.android.com/design/style/typography.html .
I unistalled the old Roboto and installed the new version of Roboto font which you can see here http://www.google.com/design/spec/style/typography.html#typography-roboto-noto
With this new version Roboto Regular is the same as Roboto Black. I mean it's exactly the same. Is this a Font bug or Photoshop bug or maybe Windows 8 installed the font wrong ?

Other Roboto Styles are displayed as expected.

Photoshop version 2014.2.1

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Solved my problem. I think it was a Windows issue.
I tried to remove and reinstall all Roboto fonts but after that Photoshop started to show an error every time I try to open a file with Roboto font in it: Selected font failed during last operation. If problem persists, please disable the font.
I removed all Roboto fonts.
I found this link from Adobe
But when I tried to delete the system font cache, Windows said it was used by some program so I deleted those files in Safe mode than installed all Roboto fonts. Now it works perfect with all Roboto styles.

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