I'm trying to recolor a png file using GIMP.

The image I want to recolor is a solid color, but the edges are feathered with varying degrees of opacity to make the final image look smoother.

is there a way to recolor the object and maintain the varying levels of opacity without going through recoloring pixel by pixel?

(I also have the file in .psd format as well)

File I want to recolor


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In GIMP 2.8 you can simply lock the transparency of a layer while editing. Then, no operations will affect the existing transparency levels of a layer while you edit with any tools or filters.

Just click on the checkbox for that on the Layers Dialog (ctrl + L)

Layers Dialog


A rather quick way to colorize a monochrome object with variable transparency on a transparent background is using the bucket fill tool with fill FG color fill and fill mode Color. This will replace the object's color by the chosen foreground color leaving transparency levels untouched:


enter image description here

"Color" bucket fill green:

enter image description here

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