I'm currently lerning Illustrator and I started building some Lego bricks for learning purposes. Building them worked, but when I try to stack them over each other, they just won't align proberly. Take a look at these screenshots:

This is how it looks when I drag and hold my grouped Lego object

This is how it looks when I drag and hold my grouped Lego object to where I want it. As you can see, the paths align perfectly.

But if I let go, that happens

But if I let go, that happens. The bricks aren't properly aligned, the blue brick is slightly shifted up and left.

Why does this happen? And how can I fix it? Thanks in advance!


Go to the menu View and uncheck all "snap to [...]" options and see if it works.

Snap to point and Snap to Grid often produced those kind of Problems for me.

Also use the Align-Tools to move the objects together. Mouse-moves also sometimes work weird.

Hope this helps. Sry for bad english!

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  • The snapping option weren't the culprit, but I could fix the alignment using the alignment tool! Thanks! – MoritzLost Nov 29 '14 at 16:39

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